Cats dismembered head carefully placed in playground in disturbing stunt

A horrified worker discovered a dismembered cat's head in a children’s playground in London last week.

The staff member at Homerton Grove Adventure Playground, in Hackney, London made the gruesome discovery while opening the park on the afternoon of April 24.

Disturbingly, the cat’s head had been carefully positioned at the bottom of one of the most used pieces of equipment in the play area.

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The RSPCA has described the incident as a "uniquely disturbing situation", and believes that it was a deliberate attempt.

An investigation has been launched, and the animal charity has launched an appeal appealing for information.

Michael Harrington, an RSPCA animal rescue officer, said: “This is a truly horrifying story. We were alerted to the discovery of a dismembered black and white cat head at a children’s playground on Monday last week (24 April).

“The investigation is ongoing, but first impressions appear to indicate that this was a deliberate act.

“The head was very carefully placed at the bottom of a children’s play apparatus and left in a way that it would be easily found.

“We have been informed that this particular piece of apparatus is one of the most used and popular things in the playground.

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“This must have been a shocking discovery for the member of staff who stumbled upon it, but we are profoundly grateful that it was not found by a small child who could have been deeply traumatised.”

The head was discovered near the main entrance on Wardle Street, E9 6BX when the playground opened in the afternoon on 24th April.

The RSPCA believe the incident will have taken place between 18:00 on April 23 and 15:30 on April 24.

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“This is a completely unthinkable act and we very much hope someone will have seen or heard something that can help us with our investigation,” Michael continued.

“There is a uniquely disturbing situation and we are keen to get to the bottom of what happened here.”

Due to a lack of cameras, investigators have not been able to obtain any CCTV of the scene, so they are appealing to anyone who may have information to further their enquiries.

The RSPCA urge people to contact their appeals line in confidence on 0300 123 8018 with any information.

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