Car boot crooks are selling lost and unopened parcels in £2 lucky dip

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An online photograph has emerged appearing to show "lost" parcels being sold as £2 "lucky dip" items at a car boot sale.

The image has uploaded on Twitter with the post attracting in excess of 36,000 likes and almost 4,000 retweets and quote tweets, as well as a barrage of comments underneath.

Where the picture was taken is not revealed by the Twitter user, named C B with a handle of @seeby123, and it is simply captioned: "Car boot…they selling lost parcels for £2."

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Swathes of people have responded to the snap with outrage, pointing out that, if it was authentic, multiple crimes could have been committed in their opinion, while they also challenged the use of the word "lost".

One said: "Lost or stolen. Some poor souls still waiting for their delivery. Funny how the face is blanked out?"

Another added: "Yes, all those 'lost' parcels. How can all of these parcels be 'lost' when pretty much all have an address and return address label on them? Maybe use the word 'liberated', or perhaps even 'strategically misplaced' on the next one. Tracked parcels have returned addresses on the labels, these are probably stolen."

A third pointed out potential GDPR breaches, declaring: "This is LITERALLY a criminal offence as those parcels have people's names and addresses and may contain confidential data."

Others, though, seemed excited by the "lucky dip".

"Best tombola ever!" enthused one.

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Another added rather frantically: "Not a reg plate nor landmark in sight, we need DIRECTIONS!!!!!!!!"

With a third also joking: "Where is this?… asking for a friend."

Some posters were sceptical about how "lucky" anybody would actually feel once they opened the parcels, however, with one reasoning: "Buying 50 would be great fun opening them, pretty sure they'll take out the good stuff and it will just be obsolete s***e."

Another agreed, saying: "If you got hold of that many parcels, why would you not open them first to assess the value? There could be hundreds of pounds worth of stuff potentially inside. So on that thought, I’d say it’s all fake, and all you’re going to get is a wine gum for your £2."

A third added: "As if they haven't gone through them first and took out anything good."


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