Canada shooting leaves at least five killed in ‘distrubing’ attack

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On Sunday night, five people were killed after someone open fired inside a condo building in Vaughan, a city 18 miles away from Canada’s capital city Toronto. It’s now been reported that the suspected gunman died at the scene.

Canadian Police confirmed the suspect died “following an interaction with police”.

It’s been confirmed that at least six people have been killed, including the suspected shooter.

The connection between the shooter and the victims is currently unknown.

The police said that officers arrived at the crime scene “quite quickly” and “went right into the building and dealt with the situation”.

One police officer described it as a “very disturbing” weapons call.

Chief James MacSween of York Regional Police described what took place as “horrendous”.

He said: “Six deceased. One of them is the subject. The other five are victims.”

Police Chief MacSween said that a seventh person was also shot by the suspect but is in hospital and is likely to survive.

However, Police Chief MacSween did not confirm any more details about the gunman but did confirm there is no further threat to the community.

Residents were forced to evacuate, and Chief MacSween said that he hopes to have local residents back in their homes within the next few hours.

Police Constable Laura Nicolle of the York Regional Police described the incident as “most terrible call I’ve seen in my entire career”.

She said the shooting had left “a lot of people” displaced from their homes as the police are currently investigating what took place and the building remains a “active, ongoing scene”.

Police Constable Nicolle added: “We want to make sure that [they] know that they’re going to be safe and that we get them back into their home as quickly as we can.”

Police Chief MacSween has said that he hopes to have local residents back in their homes within the next few hours.

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The five victims of the shooting have currently not been identified. 

However, the Canadian police have confirmed they are currently in the process of getting in touch with their families. 

Police Chief MacSween said in a statement: “We’re in the process right now of doing notifications to those families, so at this point, I can’t share any information on the victims or the subject.”

This incident is currently ongoing and more details may soon follow.

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