Cabin crew ‘lassoed’ passenger who tried to open door mid-flight

A teenager was restrained by terrified cabin crew using a “lasso rope and tie wraps” after he allegedly tried to open up the emergency door of a plane, mid-flight. The 19-year-old was arrested on June 19 after he attempted to open the door of a Seoul-bound Jeju Air airplane.

Around 180 passengers were on a four-hour overnight flight from Cebu in the Philippines to Seoul in South Korea, when the teen began “acting strangely”.

The Daily Star reports that about an hour into the flight, the passenger began to exhibit what has been described as “abnormal behaviour”.

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Concerned Jeju Airlines staff decided to move the man to a seat nearer to the front of the aircraft so that they could keep an eye on him, but that put him somewhat closer to the emergency exit door. He told crew members that he felt a strange “pressure” on his chest, the airline said.

Shortly after being re-seated, the man suddenly ran towards the emergency door and tried to open it, as reported by CNN.

A Jeju Airlines official said the man was “immediately subdued by the crew, who used a lasso rope and tie wraps to keep him controlled for the rest of the flight.”

At Incheon airport, in South Korea, the teen, whose identity has been withheld, was charged with breaching the Aviation Security Act. He also underwent a voluntary drugs test, for which the results are not expected to be ready for two weeks.

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While the passenger’s attempt was foiled this time, the incident comes barely a month since someone actually opened a plane door on a Korean carrier.

An airline passenger who was sitting next to a man who yanked open an emergency exit door at 700 feet back in May said he “felt the horror of death”.

An Asiana Airlines official said that a man in his 30s, who was sitting close to the emergency exit had opened the door while the flight from Jeju island was coming in to land in Daegu, South Korea.

In that particular case, the aircraft landed safely and the rogue passenger was arrested in connection with the incident.

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