Broomfield pauses lottery for marijuana licenses after outcry over application process

Broomfield has suspended a lottery it was scheduled to hold this month to award three retail marijuana licenses after the county received “considerable feedback” about who was applying and whether they were playing by the rules.

The pause, which the county announced last week, came after Terrapin Care Station sued Broomfield and a number of competing applicants, claiming that several contenders among the 26 who applied used multiple versions of the same corporate name while at least three contenders are directly related to one another.

Its suit states that the county’s own rules say that “no person or entity shall apply for more than one license in any location in the city.”

Broomfield officials stated that they would pause the marijuana licensing process for a maximum of 60 days “in order for staff to reassess the submission of applications from different, but affiliated entities.”

The Broomfield City Council approved the sale of cannabis in March and chose to award three licenses through a lottery drawing.

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