Brits scream burn the witch at Liz Truss effigy as Daily Star lettuce appears

Furious Brits screamed "burn the witch" as they torched an effigy of former Prime Minister Liz Truss on bonfire night.

Thousands descended onto the streets of Lewes, East Sussex, to mark her short stint as leader of the UK government.

An effigy of the former leader was accessorised with the Daily Star's world-famous lettuce – who seemed to be crying in tears of laughter.

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But this time the lettuce didn't seem to last much longer, as it fell off the characterised effigy not long after her head filled with smoke.

Images of the controversial act emerged online which showed the huge sculpture erupting into a blaze in front of a bellowing crowd.

The 60p vegetable gained a global fan base after more than 20,000 people watched our live stream, which saw Lettuce Liz outlast the PM.

As a final goodbye, attendees paraded parody floats of Ms Truss which included scenes of her crawling away from Downing Street.

The ex-prime minister announced her resignation on October 20, after leading the country for a mere total of 44 days.

The chaotic scenes at bonfire night seemed to mirror the levels of disruption caused during her time in office.

Her short time was summarised by the pound crashing, a stark rise in mortgage rates and major U-turns.

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Rishi Sunak has since taken over from Ms Truss after he won the leadership contest following her resignation.

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer mocked the new PM during his first Prime Minister's Questions battle.

He said: “Even his own side know that he's not on the side of working people.

“That's why the only time he ran in a competitive election, he got trounced by the former Prime Minister, who herself got beaten by a lettuce!

"Why doesn't he put it to the test, let working people have their say and call a general election?"

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