Britains favourite cocktail could be under threat thanks to climate change

Climate change may kill Britain’s favourite cocktail, it was feared last night.

Bar bosses have decided to replace the pornstar martini’s key ingredient of passion fruit because it needs to be flown more than 6,000 miles from South America.

Revolution Bars, which sells more than a million of the cocktails annually across 67 venues, has replaced the fruit with edible rice paper to slash its carbon footprint.

The move is believed to be an industry first and also affects Rumtini cocktails.

Rob Pitcher, Revolution’s chief executive, said the passion fruit garnish added no flavour and most customers tended to dump it.

He said: “People bang their noses on [them], we fly it all the way from South America to do that.”

Pitcher added: “The pornstar martini and rumtini are massively popular serves for us, so we were using a lot of passion fruit, but in the vast majority of cases the garnish was quickly discarded by customers as it was simply getting in their way of enjoying their drink.

“The decision to replace the passion fruit garnish with rice paper is just one of the many ways we will achieve our sustainability goals.

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“Since 2019, we have been working hard to implement ways to ensure that Revolution Bars Group is a sustainable and environmentally conscious business.

“We have set ourselves some tough targets with our guiding goal to be a Net Zero business before 2030.”

The bar business calculated it was using 500,000 passion fruit a year, costing £130,000.

Air freighting them caused more than 100 tonnes of emissions.

The savings will mainly be spent on installing efficient lighting, insulation and other energy saving measures.

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Financial firm Equity Development tweeted: “These are exactly the kind of sensible steps you hope all businesses would make.

“Nobody likes to bang their nose on a passion fruit after all. Makes sense, good.”

A typical pornstar martini is made with vanilla vodka, passion fruit liqueur, lime juice, sugar syrup and prosecco with half a passion fruit dropped in.

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