Britain set for polar blast combined with Scandinavian beast storm system

Falling temperatures across Britain has residents reaching for their blankets as the weather is set to become more unsettled this month.

A massive low-pressure vortex described as a "big beast" is about to wedge itself off the west coast and is set to bring in stormy weather fronts in from the Atlantic.

Met Office meteorologist Aidan McGivern said: “This area of low pressure is a big beast, but it is a slow-moving creature.

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“There will be some heavy downpours thunder and hail but some bright spells in between and coastal gales in the west.

“We are seeing some interesting stuff come our way from Scandinavia, very cold air moves around a huge area of low pressure and comes in from the northwest via Iceland.

“This very cold air moves over warm seas, so there will be a lot of heavy downpours especially in the west, and temperatures will be dropping.

Jim Dale, meteorologist for British Weather Services, said: “It will feel cold in the north with the windchill as returning Polar maritime air comes into Britain.

“This will have travelled over the sea, so it will pick up moisture and bring the risk of rain, although there will be some brighter spells."

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The beginning of 2023 has so far proved to be a windy and wet one with long range forecasts predicting heavy rain throughout the month with a chance of snow in some parts of the UK.

The Met Office's outlook from Tuesday (January 10) to Thursday (January 12) this week reads: "Rain sweeps northeast across all areas on Tuesday ahead of heavy showers and strong winds for many on Wednesday.

"Further rain and strong winds spread northeast on Thursday."


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