Brit stays in UKs worst-rated Pontins resort that looks like a warzone

Britain's worst-rated holiday park has been likened to a “warzone” by a top travel YouTuber.

Pontin's Southport, which has more than 2,700 “terrible” rankings on TripAdvisor, is often slammed by holidaymakers.

And now travel YouTuber Tim from channel, Walk With Me has visited it for himself – and it didn't go well.

Having walked around the holiday village for a one-night stay, he says he was greeted with grubby and rotting apartment front doors, which he compared to being in a “warzone”.

He said, in a video seen more than 135,000 times: “The windows are filthy – people are actually just drawing on them.

“Straight away, I can't believe I've just turned up on holiday and it looks like I've entered a warzone.

“Look at the state of the door, and the window is actually rotting.”

During a tour of the inside of the apartment, the walls appear to be covered in strange-looking dirty marks, while the mat under the front door is caked in dust and crumbs.

The sofa bed seems to have make-up stains and broken bits of wood on the base, while the wardrobe – which was in the living room area – has no floor on it, and seems like it's about to collapse.

The kitchen houses a very old fashioned radiator with bubbled paint on it.

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And the safety sticker appears to suggest it hadn't been checked since 2017.

The kitchen however seems looked relatively clean, although Tim points out a hair inside the egg tray.

One cupboard was home to a “really random” spatula, bent upwards for no reason, he said.

The plates and bowls had “dust “on them, too, while the oven appeared to have fat caked onto the bottom of it.

The walls, like the rest of the room, had stains on them – mainly near the bin where it seemed someone had tried to throw a teabag into it but missed.

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The bathroom was described as “hospital vibes”, with a shower seemingly fit for the 1980s.

The bedroom, which was missing duvet and pillow covers, had yellow wall stains above the headboard.

The duvet itself was covered in bits of grass and dead flies, the video tour shows.

There was evidence of fresh paint being applied to the walls, but only in certain areas, while the apartment blocks themselves appear to have seen better days with broken window panes and swear words scrawled on them.

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Chairs dotted randomly outside are being used by some guests to dry their “knickers," Tim says.

The main entertainment complex appears tired and in need of a revamp with a swimming pool sign that reads “Swi mi g pool”.

The “Java coffee lounge” was being used to store random signage and furniture, and a “crazy golf” course seems nothing more than just a concrete slab with weeds and blue separators dotted around it.

Behind what looks like a former football pitch, there are old sofa beds strewn across the floor.

Summing up, Tim said: “It definitely needs some TLC.

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“The bedroom is a little bit smelly and a little bit musty.

“The heating, the stains and the broken bits aren't that great, and the frontage of the building is not something you want to see on holiday.

“Although the floor was clean, the walls are absolutely gross – there are stains almost everywhere.

“They seem to have a massive problem with graffiti here, as well.”

A video of the resort on the Pontin's website shows an immaculate complex with newly-decorated rooms, but does come with a warning that “the photographs do not represent all apartments on the Holiday Park, apartments differ from room to room but this gives you a general idea”.

They add: “This footage contains a range of accommodation and facilities at each of our parks. It is not representative of all parks or accommodation types available. “

The Daily Star has reached out to Pontin's for a comment on the video.

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