Brit hero saves life of bloke whose heart stopped twice on flight to India

A British doctor was hailed a hero for saving a man whose heart stopped twice during a 10-hour flight.

Dr Vishwaraj Vemala spent hours battling to bring the 43-year-old back to life and stabilise him.

Passengers on the flight cheered the NHS liver consultant when the jet landed in India.

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He said: “Even though I have advanced life support training, it was the first arrest I have done since my training days. It was quite scary doing it at 40,000ft”.

Dr Vemala, 48, cut an incision into the man’s arm to fit a cannula so a drip could be used.

He had the use of a full medical kit carried on the Air India Dreamliner, but said: “Without a doctor the kit would have been useless.”

Dr Vemala, who works at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham, was taking his mum back to her home town of Bangalore.

The patient, thought to be a UK citizen living in London, was meeting family in Goa.

Dr Vermela said: “After I got him back he was chatting away to me and said he worked in the UK. Then he went into cardiac arrest again, so I had to start CPR once more.

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“To have to do it twice was quite something.”

The patient is now back in the UK celebrating the New Year.

Dr Vemela added: “The patient thanked me with tears in his eyes. He said, ‘I am forever indebted to you for saving my life.’”

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