Brit fighter who was captured by Russians was forced to wear Nazi shirt

Aiden Aslin, the British-born Ukrainian fighter paraded on Russian propaganda broadcasts after he was captured by pro-Russian separatists in Ukraine, has hit back at crude attempts by Putin’s henchmen to paint him as a “Nazi” while he was in captivity.

Aiden was sentenced to death by the Russian puppet government of the so-called Donetsk People’s Republic” in what Liz Truss, the Foreign Secretary at the time. Described as "a sham judgment with absolutely no legitimacy”.

When he was eventually released, Aiden described being tortured and beaten up by Russian interrogators.

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Aiden revisited the story on Twitter this week because he’s trying to highlight the plight of John Arthur Miller, a US citizen captured in Kherson by Russian troops.

Accused of being a mercenary, Mr Miller has been shown on Russian TV with a bruised face and apparently reading a “confession” from a script.

“On April 9, Russian Telegram sources began posting videos of An American citizen John Arthur Miller, who holds Ukrainian citizenship and by the looks of things was a civilian who was living in Ukraine when the occupation came,” Aiden says.

“Immediately they began trying to spin that he was a mercenary, They forced a interview [in] which he was clearly under duress.

“They did the same thing with another foreign national civilian who was taken captive last year shortly after Russian troops occupied Kherson region”.

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In a Russian propaganda video, Mr Miller nervously says he’s “excited” about getting Russian citizenship and that he’s grateful Russia is providing “a safe place” for people from the Kherson region.

Aiden says Mr Miller is in a similar situation to the one he faced last year.

He recalls how his Russian captors gave him an Azov Brigade t-shirt to wear in a bid to convince the Russian public that he was one of the right-wing extremists that were a major part of that unit.

He also tweeted a screen grab of a Russian propaganda story accusing him of being a “mercenary,” which used a photo of him being sworn in as a member of the Ukrainian Army years before the outbreak of the war.


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