Brave White Island volcano survivor removes mask for first time to reveal burns

A White Island volcano survivor has taken off her face mask for the first time in two and a half years after suffering horror burns.

The blast, which burnt 70% of Stephanie Browitt's body and killed her father and sister said she was "tougher than I thought" when revealing the burns.

The 26-year-old said her family had been "destroyed" during the White Island volcano erupted in New Zealand on December 9, 2019, which left 22 dead, including Stephanie's dad, Paul, and 21-year-old sister Krystal.

Stephanie's mum, Marie, had stayed on the Ovation of the Seas cruise ship and watched on as the volcano erupted.

Browitt spent two weeks in a coma while fighting for her life with third-degree burns to her body, before the 26-year-old, from Melbourne, Australia, documented her road to recovery online.

For the first time in public, brave Browitt revealed the extent of her injuries, looking in the mirror while taking part in an interview with 60 Minutes.

Browitt, while looking in the mirror, said that she sees "a person who has gone through much more than I ever expected in life" and that she was "tougher than I ever thought I would be."

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The 26-year-old also revealed that she had endured six months of surgery, requiring several rounds of skin grafts onto her limbs as well as requiring a finger amputated.

Stephanie said: "I think I have learned that the fight for survival is a real thing. I was fighting every day to survive, just to get back to myself. I never knew I had this in me."

She added that the hardest part of her ordeal has been overcoming the loss of her father and sister, saying that their loss has caused her "sleepless nights".

She also stated that she hopes she can "continue to learn to be comfortable in my own skin," The Sun reported.

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