Brave boy, 11, who had leg amputated after horror shark attack set for new limb

A brave lad who had his leg amputated after he was savagely attacked by a shark is set to be fitted with a prosthetic leg.

Jameson Reeder Jr, 11, was mauled by a huge bull shark off the coast of Florida, USA, while he was snorkelling on August 13.

The little boy managed to get away from the beast after it clamped down on his bone and shook him around.

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He miraculously survived the ordeal but had to get his entire leg amputated below the knee, five miles off the Florida Keys.

His father Jameson Sr. previously said: “The intensity and the ferocity of the bite was devastating …

"This was a nine-foot bull shark, close to 500 pounds, thrashing a 70-pound, 10-year-old boy around in the water, enough to take his life."

The boy swam back to the boat and his family alerted emergency services, reports Local10.

A nearby boat with a faster motor then offered to speed him back to shore.

“I handed Jameson across the rail of our boat to [the other] boat. I said, ‘Go save my son's life,’” his father explained.

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“I kissed him on the forehead, not knowing if I'd ever see him again.”

Jameson has since had numerous surgeries and will be given a new leg now he is back in South Floria, reports Good Morning America.

His mother Mary Reeder said: "It was a freak accident but I am thankful he’s alive."

The little fighter's father, Jameson Reeder Sr, added: “His ability to just grow into maturity through this has blown us away.

“He has had the greatest spirit.”

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