Boy, 16, dies after Russian roulette with friends ends with him being shot

A teenage boy has died after apparently taking part in a deadly game of Russian roulette.

The 16-year-old was found dead at an abandoned house in the Nong Chok district of Bangkok.

Two friends of the lad, who had been with him at the time of his death, contacted officers from Lam Hin Police Station at around 10.40pm on Monday evening.

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Police were scrambled to the abandoned house situated on Khlong Sip-Khlong Sipsi Road, where they found the dead boy. He had suffered a fatal gunshot wound to his temple, and investigators found a recently-fired revolver close to the body.

The boy’s two friends were still at the scene. They confessed to officers that they had been playing Russian roulette at the house.

They said that they had taken turns pointing the gun at their head and pulling the trigger until it was the victim’s turn. He then pointed the gun at his head and shot himself.

The victim’s body was taken to the Institute of Forensic Medicine for an autopsy, and the two surviving teens were taken to the police station for further questioning.

The family of the victim, who has not yet been named, has released a short statement expressing doubts about the official police explanation.

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They pointed out, for example, that the pistol had been found to the right of the boy’s body – but as he was left handed he should have dropped the weapon to his left side.

Although Russian Roulette carries an extremely high risk of death, it still attracts occasional players.

In June 2016, MMA fighter Ivan "JP" Cole is believed to have killed himself by playing the game.

CBS reporter JD Miles stated on Twitter at the time that Cole’s death had been “attributed to (a) deadly game of Russian roulette.”

Cole’s wife Kymberli said that the highly-rated athlete had “made a bad decision that cost him his life”.


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