Boris Johnsons former advisor Dominic Cummings looking into starting OnlyFans

Dominic Cummings has told his supporters that he is ‘looking into’ starting an OnlyFans account.

The Prime Minister’s former top aide is considering setting up an account on the website, popular for its homemade pornography.

He proclaimed his interest in the website during a live Q&A session with supporters of his paid-for Substack email newsletter, the Daily Mirror reports.

Cummings is reportedly growing increasingly frustrated at Substack for having technical difficulties and is looking into possibilities of how to do a video version of "ask me anything".

After asking for suggestions from his subscribers, one suggested he "Take notes from the gaming community", using a site like OnlyFans or Twitch to stream live to paid subscribers.

Another user suggested he "open an OnlyFans just for the headlines".

Mr Cummings replied: "Will look into it!"

Boris Johnson’s former chief strategist also repeated his claim that the PM doesn’t want to stay in Number 10 for the long haul.

He wrote: "He'll try to win one more election then leave pronto to make [money] and have fun, as he said to me [January] 2020."

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And he shared with his supporters a glimpse of his interests outside of politics.

Asked if he watches a lot of sport, Mr Cummings said: "Used to watch loads now almost [zero] except boxing/MMA and other extreme things that have humans on the edge of what’s possible."

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