Body of missing woman ‘buried alive with head above ground’ found by police

A woman who was declared missing was found buried alive in a Russian with only her head above ground.

The victim, a woman, disappeared over a week before she was found dead in a forest between St Petersburg and Yuntolovo, a Russian suburb.

She has not been identified but is understood to have been around 40 and wearing a tracksuit at the time of her disappearance.

A 36-year-old man alerted police to her remains after he discovered her head in the first as he walked through the forest.

Police have said the woman was buried a week before she was discovered and is likely to have been alive at the time she was put into the ground.

Detectives told Fontanka Media the woman had been buried alive, with only her head above ground, and noted several small wounds on her head.

She was found wearing a tracksuit with only a gold chain in her pocket, it has been reported.

Law enforcement said the woman was unable to free herself and her corpse has since been sent away for an autopsy.

The forest is near Yuntolovo, a suburb in Russia home to more than 10,000 people.

Her body was found just 500 metres from a highway linking St Petersburg and Yuntolovo.

Earlier this month, in an unrelated incident, a woman was reported to have dug herself out of her own grave after she was allegedly beaten and buried alive by drunk neighbours.

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Nina Rudchenko, 57, was left with horrific injuries after her ordeal, including a broken jaw and nose, and claims two drunk people broke into her house and tortured her until she passed out.

The pair then dragged her motionless body to the local cemetery and started pouring water on her face, forcing her to dig her own grave when she regained consciousness.

She was then ordered to lie in it and the brothers began to bury her, and she covered her hands with her face, trying to reserve some air.

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