Bloke uses pet python as weapon and whips victim to ground in wild street fight

An exotic pet owner was caught on camera assaulting a man with a living python in a bizarre fight.

The attacker, who was identified by the police as 45-year-old Laurenio Avila, was arrested when stunned passers-by alerted the police of the commotion near Little Italy in Toronto, Canada.

But a video went viral online showing the moments before the police officers broke up the fight in the middle of the street on May 10.

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Avila, who wears a cap, is seen whipping the reptile at a man, who struggles to get up from the floor.

He puts his hands up and defends himself while Avila continues to flog him and lets the python land on the man's neck.

As a police car pulls up on the road, officers exit the vehicle and yell at them: "Get on the ground now!"

They point at the victim, ordering: "You too! Get on the ground."

Avila throws the snake on the floor and complies to the police's command.

Toronto Police said they received a call about a man threatening people with a python in the Dundas Street West and Manning Avenue area at around 11.50pm.

A witness told local media that the two men were arguing back and forth while the victim warned passers-by that Avila was holding a python.

They added: "Guy with snake had been walking around with it on his neck and kinda stepping towards people so other guy was following him until the cops came."

Toronto Police later confirmed the incident involved a real snake and its owner has been arrested and charged with assault with a weapon and unnecessary pain/suffering to an animal.

Avila reportedly appeared in court on May 11 at Old City Hall via video link and was remanded into custody.

It is unclear what became of the python.

Social media users condemned Avila's bizarre choice of weapon and wondered if the snake is okay.

One viewer said in a comment: "What the f***. Poor snake didn’t deserve that. I hope the cops beat that guy with their boots."

A second remarked: "We really are the top of the food chain, just casually using another animal as a whip."

While a third tried to make light of the situation, saying: "Snake probably had quite the headache after that one."


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