Bloke suffers tattoo fail with Twitter users saying it looks like an eyevagina

A bloke who got a new tat was dragged by his partner and hordes of Twitter users after a picture of his new 'eyegina' ink was posted online.

Finn Faye Gentry posted a picture of their boyfriend's fresh tattoo of an eye on Twitter, saying it resembles a "p***y" and dubbing it an "eyevagina".

"Parker came home with this tattoo and is insisting it doesn’t look like a p***y guys please back me up that is a eyevagina," the 21-year-old tweeted, receiving over 30,000 likes.

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Parker's new forearm ink is of a slightly jaded or suspicious looking eye focussing to one side. But some people skipped its apparent profound meaning and agreed that it looked like a female reproductive organ.

“That is eyegina that is what i thought at first glance,” one Twitter user agreed,

“Like why would he get it facing vertical anyway like it makes it even worse,” another person added.

“First thing I saw was definitely a vagina,” another added.

Finn later said that they felt "bad" for Parker and added: “My biggest fear is the artist finding it and like the tattoo isn’t even like bad but like… the design. the art is good but the choice of art is… questionable.”

The news comes after a man went viral after getting a detailed tattoo of a vagina etched onto his face.

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Tattoo artist Michael Ralph, 40, has been working in the industry for over 22 years but said the vagina tattoo was the "craziest" he's seen.

The client, whom Michael thought was joking, requested a "semi-realistic" vagina on their face, adding they had a limited budget and wanted as much as possible to be done in one hour.

Michael thought it was a "spur-of-the-moment decision" and asked the client to wait for a month. They didn't change their mind.

"My first thought was ‘am I reading this right?’" Michael told

"I read it again there was no mistake. My second thought was ‘did he lose a bet?’"

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