Bloke queues 17 hours to see King – but Charles tells him he shouldnt have

A man who waited nearly a day to spot King Charles and his Queen Consort was told he "shouldn't have" by the newly-ascended King.

Journalist Josh Jones travelled to Llandaff Cathedral for a memorial service for Queen Elizabeth II, where 2,000 members of the public waited, some overnight, to welcome the couple.

The Wales Online scribe, who described himself as "largely indifferent to the Royal Family in most respects," said he "wondered" if he was "missing out on the Royal bug".

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Said "Royal bug" appears to have infected hundreds of thousands currently queueing to catch a glimpse of the Queen's coffin at Westminster, where mourners are queuing for hours.

It appears Jones had an envy for those queuing on the south bank, joining his own queue and feeling "instantaneous regret" after seating himself outside the castle.

Jones said: "I took a seat outside the castle in a broken camping chair, surrounded by scurrying rats and filled with a feeling of almost instantaneous regret.

"I was going to wait there all night to be the first out of 2,000 to enter the castle and give myself a shot at talking to the new King who, as it happens, wasn't scheduled to get there until 1:30pm the following day.

"The first few hours weren't so bad, to be honest."

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What was quite bad for Jones was the "dog-sized rats" and the feeling that he may have "slightly jumped the gun" by appearing at the queue a mere 17 hours early.

Jones also recalled his interaction with Tony, a man who appeared to have had "a few – ten in fact" and was also present to see King Charles III.

The pair reached the end of their "weird and wonderful journey" and laid eyes on the King, 16 hours after the journalist had first started queueing.

Jones finally met Charles, and recalled the conversation between the two: "Your Majesty, can I just say, I’ve waited 15 hours to come here today. I'd actually been there 17 hours in total, but my brain was completely fried at this point.

"It all hinged on his response. He laughed: 'You shouldn't have! But I'm deeply touched.' If I'm honest, if I'd known that he thought I shouldn't have bothered before I set out on this incredibly tiring mission, I would never have done it."

Jones added that "after so long on my feet, which were now sore, blistered and completely fast asleep, it felt like an eternity."

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