Bloke pulled off hanging bar as he’s ‘about to win £100’ by angry stall owner

A stall owner has sparked fury online after seemingly trying to stop a contestant from winning a "hanging bar challenge".

The infamous challenge is supposedly set to test the contestant's strength by hanging from a bar for 100 seconds.

The stall owner concerned supposedly asked for a £10 entry fee for each challenger, with £100 up for grabs for anyone who completed it.

Omer Majid tried his luck outside Stratford Tube station in London and TikTok footage of his attempt – taken by friend Alan – has gone viral online.

The clip shows the stall owner appearing to get worried as Omer gets close to finishing the 100-second challenge.

At first, he cheekily pressers on Omer's shoulder and pulling his trouser.

Alan is heard shouting: "He is going to win it! Leave him, man!"

While Omer is getting irritated by the stall owner's moves, he kicks him in the stomach.

Things then turn ugly as the man pulls him down from the hanging bar and he's pushed away by a colleague – all before he was able to reach the all-important 100-second mark.

In an update video, Omer later explained: "Everybody wants to know the full story of what happened.

"Basically, I tried to win £100 by paying the guy £10.

"I almost won, actually, and then when I was getting towards winning he started to touch me and stuff.

"I don't get angry at first, I mean, I do but I was holding it in, eventually he tries it again I kick him, then it gets a bit aggressive.

"Then he pulls me down, and then I lose my £10 and the game just goes on."

The young man was determined to go back for a second challenge.

Some viewers said they have seen the stall in various locations across London.

"He was just salty because he knew you were going to win," one wrote.

But others defended the stall owners, questioning whether Omar had actually paid to take part in the challenge.

"The clock is not running," a viewer mentioned. "I don't think you paid."

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