Bloke left with horrific third-degree burns after vape explodes in his pocket

A bloke was left in searing pain after his vape randomly exploded in his pocket, giving him sickening third-degree burns across nearly 10% of his body.

The 40-year-old, who has not been named but agreed to have his injuries photographed, was rushed to a Perth, Australia, hospital after the vape ignited suddenly in his pocket.

The force and heat of the explosion severely burned him from the top of his right leg to below his right knee.

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His injuries were so bad that over his two week stay in hospital, he required several operations, including skin grafts.

He also said regretted ever vaping in the first place, after it was revealed that he would need to undergo several years on ongoing treatment for his injuries.

“100% don't start vaping in the first place. It was the worst thing I ever did,” he said,MailOnline reports.

“To all the kids out there, look at what happened to me; respect yourself, respect your life.”

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Dr Duncan-Smith, the president of the Australian Medical Association's Western Australian branch, said in response to the man’s injuries: "It is absolutely necessary that we protect our children from nicotine addiction and the health dangers of vaping.”

Australia has some of the world’s most stringent anti-vaping policies, with new legislation being pushed In an attempt to tackle youth vaping, which is seen as a huge problem after studies showed that nearly half of Australia’s youth reported being either current or former vapers.

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A federal law is expected to be enacted soon that totally bans all non-prescription vapes from being sold in the country.

The law will also restrict flavours and colours of vapes, and will also force companies to use plain, pharmaceutical-like packaging.

On top of this, nicotine levels and volume are expected to be reduced, with disposable, single use vapes also expected to be banned.

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