Bloke desperate to avoid wife begs to be put in prison

A man under house arrest has reportedly asked police to take him to prison so he can get away from his wife.

The 30-year-old handed brought himself to a police station at the weekend to make the bizarre appeal, local media reported.

He told officers that he could no longer stand being under house arrest at home with his wife, according to Italian media.

The Albanian man said this was why he had to leave the house and ask if he could spend the rest of his sentence behind bars instead, Il Messagero reported.

According to Italian media, the man was able to get what he was looking for and has been transferred to prison from his home in Guidonia, Italy.

"Exasperated by the situation, he preferred to escape, spontaneously presenting himself to the Carabinieri to ask to serve his sentence behind bars," Italian authorities said.

The prisoner was detained at the police station as he had broken the terms of house arrest by leaving and going there, Il Corriere della Sera reported.

The man had spent several months under house arrest for drug crimes before going to the station near Rome on Saturday night, Captain Francesco Giacomo Ferrante of the Tivoli Carabinieri told AFP.

"He lived at home with his wife and family. It wasn’t going well anymore," the police official said.

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He had a few years left of his sentence to serve, Captain Ferrante told AFP.

In other prison news, Chinese authorities have put a £17,000 bounty on the head of a North Korean prisoner who escaped from a Chinese jail earlier this week.

The inmate, identified as Zhu Xianjian, entered China illegally in 2013 and was sentenced to 11 years in prison for illegal border crossing, larceny and robbery in 2016.

He managed to successfully escape from prison in the city of Jilin at around 6pm local time on Monday, CNN reports.

A notice offers £11,300 for information that helps lead police to his capture, rising to £17,000 for clues that lead directly to his arrest.

That number equates to almost five times that of the average annual income of Jilin urban residents and more than nine times that of those in rural areas.

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