Black bear shot dead after attacking four people and ram-roading police car

A black bear damaged a police car and attacked four people when it went on a rampage in central Japan on Friday afternoon.

Authorities were sadly forced to shoot the animal after it attacked four people ranging in age from their 50s to 90s – and also caused damage to a police vehicle.

A 95-year-old man and a 63-year-old woman were severely injured when the animal went on a rampage in Hakusan, Ishikawa Prefecture.

While two male hunters aged 57 and 72 also sustained injuries after encountering the beast following it’s attack on the OAPs.

Japan Today reports that the bear rammed in to a police car and used its claws to slash open the car’s tires amid the chaos.

Cops had been patrolling the area in search of the animal after reports were first made of a sighting in the morning when the bear had been spied near a shopping centre.

The animal escaped after attacking the police car and then ran inside a house, were it was shot dead by hunters.

The animal reportedly weighted over 100KG and was 1.3 meters in length.

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Local government in Ishikawa have raised the bear alert level to its highest setting for the first time in 10 years following multiple reports of bears descending on the city.

One terrified local told Japan Today: "It is scary. I thought we would not encounter a bear as we are distant from mountains.”

Japanese black bears are found on Japan’s 3 major islands – Honshu, Kyushu and Shikoku.

The WWF state the animals are highly endangered, having become extinct in other regions of Japan, while numbers of the animal in Shikoku are believed to see just 20 remaining.

Forestation and destruction of the bears’ natural habitat has contributed to numbers dwindling, while the animals have also been forced to forage for food among humans.

The Japanese black bear is on average 110-150 centimeters from head to tail and weighs between 80-120 kilograms.

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