Billionaire snared by cops speeding at 82mph is slapped with fine on BBC TV show

The largest shareholder in online fashion giant ASOS was remarkably caught speeding during a BBC documentary.

Danish billionaire Anders Holch Povlsen is known for being Scotland's richest man and its biggest private landowner, controlling almost a quarter of a million acres of the Highlands.

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Aside from his enormous wealth, Povlsen, thought to be worth a cool £6 billion, is known for his down-to-earth attitude.

He enjoys a whisky at his local pub and is often seen driving his understated VW Golf around town.

The recent incident was captured on camera for the BBC docuseries Highland Cops, which follows the work of the police force in Scotland's remote areas.

In the video, officers trailed Mr Povlsen for several miles, clocking him driving at 82mph on a 60mph road, before stopping him and issuing him with a fine and three points on his licence.

The billionaire got out of his car to greet them and was shown the results of a speed gun.

The officer informed him that he was driving over the speed limit and gave him two options: pay a fixed penalty of three points and a £100 fine or submit a report to the court.

Povlsen chose the former and paid the fine without hesitation.

Despite being recognised by the officers, they treated him like any other motorist.

One of the officers commented: "When we dealt with this gentleman, I recognised who he was straight away.

"He does a lot for the Highlands, he's invested a lot of money up here, and he's got a really good interest in the environment and protecting the Highlands for what it is.

"But irrespective of that, we have to treat everybody equally."

Povlsen's love for Scotland goes back to his childhood days in the 1980s when he first visited the country.

Since then, he has spent over £100 million acquiring more property and land in the area, starting with Glenfeshie, which he purchased for £7.9 million in 2006.

Over the years, he has added more land to his portfolio and has a "200-year vision" that involves rewilding the land.

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