Best spicy chicken sandwich in Denver: Vote in the Sweet 16 round

We’ve now entered the Sweet 16 division of our spicy chicken sandwich battle, and things are certainly heating up.

After receiving hundreds and hundreds of nominations last month, we narrowed those down to 32 contestants for our first round of the annual March food bracket competition, based partly on your favorites and partly on our own love for the hot chicken scene.

Last week, we presented the initial 32 players, which we tried to match of based on relevance or similarities. And thousands of you cast your votes. Some particularly fierce voting took place between The Post Chicken & Beer and Birdcall, the latter of which prevailed, and between 300 Suns Brewing and Colorado Plus Brew Pub. But all the matchups provoked debate.

The winners are now moving on to our Sweet 16 bracket, and it’s your turn to help decide which Nashville hot chicken shop, brewery, breakfast spot, Korean fried chicken restaurant, or local gem will take home the crown of the most sizzling, spiciest hot chicken sandwich.

The voting is now live (below) and you have until 9 a.m. on Monday, March 13, to cast your votes and narrow things down to the Elite Eight. Play fair, and may the best bird win!

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