Belleville police warn public of ongoing scam at gas stations

Police in Belleville, Ont., are warning residents of a scam that was reported in the city a number of times last summer and has now resurfaced.

According to police, scammers will approach victims, generally at gas stations, asking for help. A scammer will advise that they have lost their wallet and all of their money and request cash support from victims. The scammer will then offer what appears to be high-end jewelry as collateral but turns out to be fake, inexpensive cosmetic jewelry, police say.

The latest victim lost approximately $200 cash, according to officers.

Belleville police are advising residents to be cautious if asked for assistance in similar circumstances in which some sort of collateral is offered in exchange, saying it’s most likely fraudulent.

Anyone who finds themselves in this situation is asked to contact Belleville police and report any information regarding a suspect vehicle description or plate numbers and any physical description of the suspect(s).

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