BBC Weather: Red and orange warnings issued as European heatwave boils continent

BBC Weather: Europe forecast continued heatwave conditions

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BBC Weather forecaster Helen Willets said there would be warnings in place for south east Europe due to the intense temperatures. Temperatures will begin to fall towards the weekend but will do so slowly. Elsewhere in Europe, central countries of the continent can expect heavy rain.

There are also chances of flooding due to the ground already being saturated due to consistent rainfall.

Ms Willetts said: “The intense heatwave continues across Europe.

“There are still red warnings in place from Greece across the Balkans from Turkey into Italy.

“This graphic shows the temperatures above average.

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“Oranges and reds edge away a little bit over the next three or four days but it will stay above average for many.

“Red warnings out across parts of the Balkans, orange warnings across the Alps through into Belarus, The Ukraine and Poland around the Baltic sea states.

“Over the black sea there will also be some really intense thunderstorms.

“There will also be damaging winds and large hail.”

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The BBC Weather forecaster also discussed how the weather in central Europe would contrast to these intense temperatures.

She said: “It is a little quieter as we head into Iberia, it is warmish.

“But the north of Europe is dominated by low pressure, some strong and gusty winds moving in across the United Kingdom.

“These winds will be pushing into Scandinavia and temperatures are below average.

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Ms Willets also warned there could be some flash flooding due to more heavy rain on the way in central Europe.

She said: “There is also another pulse of heavy rain coming in across parts of France, into Alps and Germany for Saturday.

“On already saturated grounds there are concerns we will see some flash flooding.

“There could also be some landslips as well in these areas.”

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