BBC Weather issues new ‘danger to life warnings’ as flooding and snow submerge Britain

Storm Christoph: ‘Intense’ rainfall expected in parts of UK

BBC meteorologist Matt Taylor stated that there are 5 severe weather warnings in place and over 240 flood warnings across the UK. He told BBC Breakfast that over the next few days the flood risks will extend to parts of Yorkshire and the Midlands. 

Mr Taylor said: “It is flooding that is the major concern at the moment, particularly across parts of northwest England.

“We have got 5 severe flood warnings, danger to life warnings are in place.

“There are well over 240 flood warnings as well.

“Over the next few days that flood risk will extend to parts of Yorkshire and the Midlands as river levels continue to rise.

“While the rain has gone, river levels will continue to respond to the rain that has already fallen so do not drop your guard yet.”

He continued: “Another thing to contend with this morning is snowfall, particularly across parts of Scotland.

“Some of the heaviest snow is going to be in the north of Scotland.

“It is going to be blown around by strong gale force winds.

BBC Weather: Europe set for ‘disruptive snow’

“There will be some intense rain as well so there could be some flooding across the coastal strip.”

Some areas in Manchester have been evacuated as a result of the brutal weather.

Assistant Chief Constable of Greater Manchester Police, Nick Bailey, said: “Unfortunately – despite the best efforts of all agencies involved – we are now at the stage where evacuations are necessary for areas of Didsbury.

“We will be directly in touch with residents in those properties that have been identified as potentially being at risk and we have an evacuation plan in place to set up those who have been displaced in temporary accommodation.


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“I think it’s important to stress that if you are contacted and advised to evacuate then we would strongly urge you to do so.”

The local council has advised: “If someone is asked to leave their home and need to stay with family or friends temporarily due to flooding, they will not be in breach of coronavirus laws, which allow for exceptions including to escape the risk of harm – and no legal action will be taken.”

Met Office forecaster Grahame Madge said regarding Storm Christoph: “While rain remains the main hazard in the south, further north we’ve got snow and ice remaining a risk.

“The system will work its way through, we are expecting significant totals of rainfall and when you combine that with snowmelt it can lead to localised flooding across the affected regions.”

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