BBC Weather: Gorgeous winter sun to shine but Britons should wrap up for chilly day

BBC Weather: Winter sunshine forecast across UK

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BBC Breakfast’s weather man Matt Taylor told viewers that while rain will continue to fall in some areas of Britain, this will make way for “much sunnier weather” but temperatures will remain “chilly” and warm clothes still needed if venturing outside.

He told viewers: “It is going to be a little bit on the chilly side.

“But there is something milder coming our way for some of you next week.

“But the big thing for most is that it is a little bit brighter than it was yesterday.”

He warned there are a few showers around on Sunday morning in some eastern areas.

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The west coast of Scotland will see “an abundance” of heavy rain throughout the morning before “brightening up” into the afternoon.

He added however that those showers will push into northern England towards midday and into the afternoon.

But the forecaster said outside of those areas will see ”lots of dry sunny weather” while showers falling in Wales will fade.

Mr Taylor noted that compared to Saturday, East Anglia and the south east of England  will see “drier and much sunnier” weather.

UK Weather: Met Office forecast widespread frost

Despite the sun, it will be a “fairly cool” and “chilly day” as the forecaster hinted that Britons will still need those winter clothes to venture out. 

Sunday will see highs of 10C in Plymouth, 9C in Cardiff, 8C in London, 7C in Birmingham and 6C in Hull.

Aberdeen will see temperatures plummet to a bitterly 4C.

Through this evening and overnight there will be “a sharp and widespread frost” as the UK is expected to freeze over.



Britons should also be braced for a chilly start to Monday morning and need to be careful on the roads as temperatures will tumble to 2C in some areas of Scotland, East Anglia, the south east of England.

But temperatures will quickly see the end of the frost as milder air pushes its way in from the Atlantic through Monday morning.

The forecast noted that “patchy rain and drizzle” will follow the cold snap throughout Monday morning as the milder air arrives.

Monday will see highs of 12C in Scotland and 8C in England.

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