BBC Weather: Europe split by Heatwave temperatures, brutal downpours and thunderstorms

BBC Weather: Europe forecast mix of thunderstorms and sunshine

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BBC Weather forecaster Stav Danaos said Europe would see a mix of weather this week. He noted that south eastern parts of Europe would see heatwave like temperatures. He added that parts of north and central Europe will have heavy rain and thunderstorms.

Mr Danaos said: “There is a big north west south east contrast that will be developing through this week.

“Heatwave conditions will continue to build across the eastern Mediterranean to Greece and the islands across the Balkans and increasingly to Italy by the end of the week.

“Meanwhile the northwest of Europe remains rather cool and unsettled for the time of year.

“This is thanks to an area of low pressure.

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“We could also see some really severe thunderstorms in northern Italy, into parts of Austria and cross into eastern Europe.

The weather forecaster reiterated the hot temperatures facing south eastern Europe.

The majority of these countries will see temperatures well over 30C.

With Antalya seeing the hottest temperature of 39C and Istanbul with the lowest of 31C.

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Mr Danaos said: “It is very hot around here with 40C in places.

“That hot weather will be pushing up into the Balkans as well.

“Here is where we see the heavy showers and thunderstorms through central and eastern Europe.

“There will be some warmth here in Scandinavia with the thunderstorms.

“Much of the Mediterranean remains hot and sunny throughout this week.

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“Temperatures will be on the rise, certainly across the south east.

“Meanwhile temperatures will be dropping across the north west.

“It is very showery for the UK and for Ireland.

“For Madrid and Rome those temperatures will be a bit above the seasonal normal, however.

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