BBC Weather: Carol Kirkwood forecasts higher than we expect mercury

Weather: Strong gusty winds and colder stormier conditions

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The BBC weatherwoman said that the UK was experiencing a mild October as she forecasted temperatures ranging from as high as 18 degrees and 8 degrees. Ms Kirkwood predicted cloudier conditions in Northern England and Scotland. After the incoming overnight showers, Ms Kirkwood forecasted a slight temperature rise to 19 degrees in the south and 15 degrees in the North.

Ms Kirkwood said: “It has been a mild October this morning 17 degrees for example in Newquay.

“So already we’ve got a temperature higher than we expect, as our maximum daytime temperature.

“That was our minimum temperature, now what is happening today is it’s going to be a bit windier than it has been.

“We’ve got some rain as well, we have had some rain overnight, some of that has been heavy and thundery across parts of the South-West.

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Ms Kirkwood added: “And that is going to continue pushing northwards as we go through the course of the day, eventually getting into southern Scotland.

“For the rest of Scotland and also for northern England there is quite a bit of cloud around.

“That’s producing some drizzle in there, the sunniest skies are going to be in Western Scotland and especially the Outer Hebrides.

“And also parts of eastern England into East Anglia and also Kent.

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UK weather: Met Office forecasts mild temperatures

Ms Kirkwood said: “Temperatures today are still above average for most, we’re looking at between 15C and 19C.

“Maybe even 22C in St Helier, but across Scotland and Northern Ireland temperatures are closer to where we would expect them to be at this time of year.

“Now through this evening and overnight, you can see how the showery rain continues to push Northwards.

“Then another batch of rain comes in right behind it.

Ms Kirkwood added: “And most of us will feel the effects of this one, as it could pep up later on in the night across the South-East.

“Murky conditions as well could be a lot of cloud around, and still a comparatively mild night for the time of year.

“Tomorrow then, we’ve got the first bit of that rain pushing up towards the North and the East.

“But some heavier rain looks like it’s going to move across the South-East and into East Anglia, pull away from that quite a bit of cloud brightening up across the far South-West.

“And temperatures tomorrow getting up to 17 or 19 in the South, 10 to about 15 in the North.”

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