BBC Weather: Brits brace for outbreaks of thundery rain

BBC Weather: Damp start and outbreaks of rain

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The BBC weatherman also warned of thundery conditions in the South of Wales and Oxfordshire. Mr Taylor forecasted temperatures ranging between 13C and 20C across the UK. He also warned Britons across the south of England to expect warmer conditions overnight in the coming days. 

Mr Taylor said: “For the vast majority of you, a dry day with some sunny spells around.

“Southern counties of England and Wales though, a bit of a damp start for some of you.

“And outbreaks of rain will develop more widely as we go through the day.

“Away from that though, across parts of mid-Wales the Midlands, Northwards good sunny spells to take you through the day.

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Mr Taylor added: “A bit more cloud in the North of Scotland, one or two showers.

“But the focus for the wetter weather seems to be across Southern counties of England and Wales.

“Some of those outbreaks of rain sneaking into South Wales, Oxfordshire through towards Essex areas and Southwards.

“Some of which could become heavy and thundery later.

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UK weather: Met Office forecasts clear skies and mild conditions

Mr Taylor said: “Temperatures are not changing much from the start we have at the moment.

“But further North after a cooler fresher start, a pleasant afternoon 18-19 degrees for many of you.

“Now this evening and overnight see further outbreaks of rain, particularly thundery around those English Channel coasts.

“But there will slide a bit further Southwards where again it will be another warm night.

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Mr Taylor added: “But for most of the UK, a fresh start to tomorrow morning particularly in the countryside.

“Temperatures widely in single figures, but a fair bit of sunshine some mist and fog patches clearing.

“More cloud though in the West of Scotland and Northern Ireland which will break up through the day.

“Quite a breeze in Northern Scotland, outbreaks of heavy thundery rain around the English Channel coast will gradually depart.”


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