BBC Weather: Autumn has arrived as Europe battered by heavy rain and blustery winds

BBC Weather: Europe set for ‘significant thunderstorms’

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BBC Weather forecaster Helen Willetts said Europe must be prepared for heavy rain across the continent. Orange warnings for wind and rain have been issued for parts of the Alps as well. Temperatures are also expected to fall and remain cooler for the majority of the week, especially central Europe.

Ms Willetts said: “Autumn has arrived across the north west of Europe.

“That is how it feels at the moment as we have seen quite a significant drop in temperature.

“We have got low-pressure battering parts of Iceland, orange warnings in place for severe blizzards,

“We will feel the effects of those bands of rain and strong winds as they push there way across the United Kingdom and across Scandinavia.

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“They will turn up as very heavy showers in the Alps so there are some orange warnings here for those showers.”

The BBC Weather forecaster noted that in parts of south eastern Europe it remains cool with some outbreaks of rain.

On the other side of Europe, Spain and Portugal hold on to some heat as temperatures remain just above 20C.

The forecaster continued: “Around the Black Sea it is quite cool and there will be some showers here as well.

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“There is fine and dry weather across the western Mediterranean generally speaking.

“There is just the odd shower penetrating further south but we do have some dry weather across Iberia as well.”

For much of central Europe, temperatures will remain in the mid-teens.

The UK, France, Germany and parts of Scandinavia can also all expect rain over the coming days.

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The forecaster closed by said: “On Thursday you can see those weather front stretching further south.

“There is a warning of significant thunderstorms and heavy showers on the end of those weather fronts.

“It will also be bringing in that cooler Atlantic feel.”

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