Bangaldeshi couple sentenced to death by hanging for selling teen to brothel

A Bangladeshi couple have been sentenced to death for selling a 17-year-old girl to a brothel in India, according to reports.

The couple's fate was decided by a tribunal on Wednesday, May 18, after Shahin Sheikh and Asma Begum were found guilty of the 2009 crime.

They reportedly lured the young woman to India with the promise of a job, in October 2009, before her family raised the alarm after not hearing from her.

The Khulna Women and Children Repression Prevention Tribunal pronounced capital punishment for the couple, reports said.

When the girl's family failed to trace her, they complained against Sheikh and Begum at their local police station in the Khulna District.

On January 20, 2010, the investigating officer of the case submitted a charge sheet against the duo.

Shahin Sheikh had allegedly demanded the equivalent of £186 from the teenager’s family to get her back.

Reports did not mention the location of the brothel.

A 2014 investigation by the Mirror revealed the horrors of the modern day Mumbai child sex trade.

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The paper revealed how, from a dimly-lit alley, a teenage pimp emerged to tout a schoolgirl held prisoner inside a six-floor brothel behind him.

“I can get you young girls,” he boasted. “Minor, only been used four or five times. Everything is for sale here in Mumbai, sir.”

Girls, some as young as six, are slaves in Mumbai's slums, sold to child traffickers by their own penniless families in other parts of India.

Kamathipura district, where the investigation took place, was first set up by the British for the use of colonial troops. It was called a “comfort zone”.

When the forces left in 1947 local pimps moved in, scenting easy money to be made by exploiting children.

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