Baffled driver told he has no right to park in own street in angry note

A motorist who parked just a few feet down from their own home received an angry letter from the “vehicle police” demanding that they remove it.

The anonymous driver, from Scotland, had put their car “six houses down” from their own driveway.

But just a few hours later, they returned to find an angry note claiming that the were “causing an obstruction”.

And to make it even more passive-aggressive, the note claimed that the car had been “photographed as evidence”.

The threatening note, posted on social media, not from any official organisation, said: “This vehicle has been abandoned in a through road.

“The vehicle is causing an obstruction and is parked on one or more of the following inconsiderate or illegal ways – on a pavement, too close to a junction or too close to a driveway – and has been photographed as evidence.

“The residents of [the street] have a right to ease of access and egress to their own driveways.

“If you do not live at this part of [the street] you have absolutely no right to leave your vehicle parked here.

“Kindly remove your vehicle by close of play on January 4, 2022.

“Or its presence shall be reported to the relevant authorities and its uplift and impounding requested.”

The note lovingly signed off with “don’t bring it back”.

However, whoever wrote the note has no legal standing for doing so.

According to Citizens Advice Scotland, there are “no laws” that can stop someone parking outside someone else's home, and that “nobody” has the right to park outside their own home – unless it's on their own driveway.

A CAS spokesman said: “You don’t have an automatic right to park directly outside your home or to prevent others from doing so, unless parking in a street is prohibited, or a space is reserved by the local authority for a particular resident.

“For example, a blue badge holder may have a designated parking space.”

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