Baby rescued from float after drifting out a mile to sea while parents unaware

A crying baby was rescued after floating nearly a mile out to sea in an inflatable ring, as shown in a heartbreaking video.

In the clip, recorded off the coast in Tunisia, a man is in the water swimming towards the stricken tot while another man on a jetski records the dramatic scene and shouts out instructions.

The one-year-old girl is in a pink rubber ring with a tail in the shape of a seashell when she is found by the rescuers.

As the camera pans around, the distant shore is just a thin line on the horizon which indicates how far she was swept away by the wind.

She starts crying when she is pulled out of the water and put into the arms of the man on the jet ski, who tries to calm her down and tell her it's ok.

The clip ends there but it was reported she was safe and unhurt.

It quickly went viral on Facebook, with one person who shared the footage writing: "Bravo and watch your children while swimming".

This comes after a similar incident in Wales which was also caught on video.

A terrified little girl in a dingy was carried away by the currents but fortunately was recused by RNLI volunteers.

She drifted a few hundred metres out to sea just off the coast of Kinmel Bay in Conwy after her dinghy detached from the safety line on the shore.

Gareth Morrison, RNLI's Head of Water Safety told Daily Star: "We are expecting this summer to be the busiest ever for our lifeguards and volunteer lifeboat crews.

"We want people to enjoy the coast but urge everyone to respect the water, think about their own safety, and know what to do in an emergency.

"Our main advice is to visit a lifeguarded beach and swim between the red and yellow flags.

"RNLI lifeguards will be patrolling around 245 beaches this summer to offer advice on how to stay safe and they are also there to help anyone who gets into trouble."

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