Baby otter that loves ice melts the internet after being rescued

A video of an orphaned baby sea otter playing with a huge tub of ice has gone viral after striking a chord with animal lovers around the world.

Joey was just 10 days old when he was found near a dead otter believed to be his mum in Kyuquot, Vancouver Island, Canada.

Fortunately, a passer-by heard his cries and the helpless animal was brought to Marine Mammal Centre which has been looking after him and seeing him go from strength to strength.

In an adorable video the organisation shared on TikTok on September 28, the otter is absolutely fascinated with a huge tray of ice and can’t stop touching it.

Burying his paws in the frozen water, he piles it into his mouth crunches on it with his tiny but sharp teeth.

Looking utterly content, he gnaws on his chilled snack as the camera continues to record his cute antics.

In the caption of the clip, the animal rescue wrote: "Rescued baby otter Joey LOVES ice.

"Like he really REALLY loves it. Here’s proof."

Unsurprisingly, the video has been watched millions of times and received 560,000 "likes" and thousands of comments, as well as going viral on Twitter and Facebook.

"His little paws," said one emotional viewer.

Another animal lover wrote: "The way he only eats half of his ice cube because they fall out of his mouth and he just grabs another tiny handful."

"Otterly adorable," quipped a third fan.

Joey, who is now three months old, has been keeping staff "on their toes" according to an update on his condition in August.

The centre said it has started to supplement his milk feeds with some clams and he is learning to swim and dive in a big tub of water every day.

Mentioning his obsession with ice, it added: “He likes to cuddle with it, suckle on it, crunch it, roll in it – you name it, he does it.”

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