Auckland Transport to investigate West Auckland’s ‘wrong way street’

Auckland Transport is sending out a specialist traffic teamto the West Auckland suburb of Titirangi to investigate multiple complaints about a street where drivers are often seen driving the wrong way.

Local resident Peter Millman, 59, said he has had to turn three people going down the wrong way on Woontons Lane where he lives just in the past week.

Since April 12, Millman said he has filed nine complaints with Auckland Council and Auckland Transport because “this is just a fatal crash waiting to happen”.

Millman, an artist, has lived on the street for 30 years and said his partner had a head-on crash about 10 years ago with their then one-year-old son in the car.

“Three weeks ago I was nearly killed by a tradie going down the wrong way,” he said.

“Seriously, it’s not even safe to even be walking on that street anymore.”

Woontons Lane is a one way residential street that connects South Titirangi Rd to Paturoa Rd.

“It’s a one-way street but motorists are always going down it the wrong way,” Millman said.

“It was lucky that my partner and son were not hurt in that crash, and I’ve been trying to raise this as an issue with the council for the last 10 years but no action has been taken.”

Millman said the problem was a lack of signage.

A motorist was seen driving the wrong way when a Herald photographer was at the street on Saturday morning.

Auckland Transport spokeswoman Natalie Polley said the agency was “aware of safety complaints about Woontons Lane”.

“Our traffic operations engineering team is heading out there in the coming days to investigate and see what needs to be done.”

Polley said the last time the agency staff investigated, it was found that signage and road marking were both adequate.

“However given the new complaints, we will be looking at it again.”

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