Anti-mask activist makes strange claim that forcing kids to wear them is rape

A group of US Anti-maskers were confronting parents as they walked their kids to school and shouting that wearing a mask is “rape”.

Footage shows protestors targeting parents during a Walk to School Day at Hawthorne Elementary School in Beverly Hills over rules regarding children having to wear masks in the school.

Shiva Bagheri, founder of the Beverly Hills Freedom Rally, was heard in the series of clips on social media comparing the situation to rape several times.

While holding a ‘Keep America Free’ sign, she said: “You should choose what goes on your child’s face and in your child’s body. This is rape.

“Yeah, this is rape. They’re trying to rape our children with this poison.

“They’re going to rape their lives away.”

The protestors and Bagheri were seen walking the streets nearby shouting “masking children is child abuse” and “you mask your child, you’re a child abuser.”

Police were also in attendance as the group confronted Mayor Robert Wunderlich, who was walking with local parents and children taking part in the day.

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Bagheri told him: “You don’t care about the kids.”

He offered to meet with three members of the protesting group to discuss their concerns.

Bagheri’s language reportedly shocked parents but this is not the first time she has caused a stir during protests.

Recently she was caught on camera punching a cancer survivor while protesting a mask mandate at a cancer clinic, according to Law & Crime.

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Bagheri was protesting outside the Cedars-Sinai Breast Health Services building in West Hollywood when she punched cancer survivor Kate Burns in the chest during a confrontation.

She later responded to the video, tweeting: “Watch the video. She slammed me with her shoulder and I pushed her back. Then she walked towards me again and I pushed her back again. This lady is very aggressive. I didn’t want to hurt her.”

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According to her Twitter profile, Bagheri is a mother and an instructor at Shiva’s Dance and Fitness.

Bagheri started the Beverly Hills Freedom Rally in July 2020 but had no history of activism before this.

She started the group to protest against the coronavirus public health guidelines and mandates on face coverings.

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