Angry ghosts burned down my restaurant after I called in TV exorcists

Two days after a paranormal investigation TV show aired about them, a pair of 'angry ghosts' have been held responsible for causing a restaurant fire.

The Pier House in Westward Ho!, Devon, is owned by Rob Braddick, who was shocked to discover that a tumble dryer next to his 'haunted house' caught fire and caused £25,000 worth of damage earlier this month on April 3.

The TV show, Help! My House is Haunted, had investigated the 19th-century building and claimed that the ghostly spirits of Henry and Elizabeth haunt it.

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They even went so far as to assert that the ghosts try and communicate with them using rolling marbles.

Rob, himself skeptical of paranormal activity, posted on social media about the fire, and locals immediately chimed in claiming the ghosts were to blame.

Startling images showed a room inside the restaurant black with soot and the two tumble dryers burned beyond repair.

Rob's tongue-in-cheek post said: "FOR SALE. Slightly used tumble dryer – recently serviced by Elizabeth and Henry."

One commented: "You've obviously upset them by letting those crazy people try to get them to communicate."

According to some, the ghosts were 'upset' that he allowed the team to film inside the home and expose them on TV.

Many others saw the funny side, with one user quipping about the situation: "They’ve given up the ghost.

"Time to go back to the basement."

Rob bought the former B&B six years ago, and rumours of it being occupied by ghoulish guests have surrounded it ever since.

When approached by TV producers to film there, he invited them in, and they filmed for around a week in March of last year.

The fire at The Pier House was contained downstairs by fire doors, but replacing two tumble dryers, a washing machine, multiple melted items, and removing black soot is said to have cost around £25,000.

Rob remains unconvinced that the ghosts were responsible for the blaze and believes it is a "completely bizarre coincidence" that the TV show aired on Friday, and the fire happened the following Monday.

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