Angela Merkel warned ‘upset’ EU allies to rebel as Berlin ignores Nord Stream 2 warnings

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Angela Merkel has been threatened with crippling US sanctions for the island of Rügen unless Germany agrees to shelve the Nord Stream 2 pipeline over concerns of growing Russian influence on the country. But the United States is not the only country voicing their opposition to the project, with Chancellor Merkel now being warned key allies in the European Union could intervene to stop the pipeline. German expert Erik Kirschbaum told DW News: “Germany has been ignoring this for a long time. President Obama warned about this, Trump warned about it.

“Congress has been talking about this. It’s more than an economic project, Germany called it that but it’s obviously a political project.

“The West has had sanctions against Russia since the Ukraine problem in 2014 so it is a political issue.

“Germany can call it what it want but it’s not just Germany versus US, it’s also Ukraine versus Germany, a lot of Eastern European countries. Poland is upset about this, France was upset about this.

“It’s basically a project to shaft the Ukraine and keep all the gas going away from Ukraine.”

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Mr Kirschbaum accused Chancellor Merkel of “ignoring” the issue and ploughing ahead with Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline despite ongoing concerns about Russia seeking to extend its influence across the European continent.

He continued: “Germany has just been ignoring the complaints and the noise out there for five or six years so it’s not surprise that is coming to a boil.

“This is an accident waiting to happen.

“Germany is making a mistake thinking it’s only Trump versus Germany and Trump may be gone. 

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“Trump may be gone but the next president is likely to sing the same tune.”

In addition to concerns about Russian influence, Poland and the Ukraine have also warned they could lose billions in transit fees if Nord Stream 2 is allowed to bypass the countries.

The Nord Stream 2 pipeline would directly connect Narva Bay in the Gulf of Finland and the German city of Greifswald.

Other European Union countries have also come out against the gas pipeline, including Denmark where five political parties in 2017 launched a bid to create a new law to veto the project.


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The European Union also faced off with the Nord Stream 2 pipeline company in recent times after the construction organization sued the bloc over new environmental regulation.

Nord Stream’s EU representative Sebastian Sass said at the time: “Nord Stream 2 AG has now decided to ask the arbitral tribunal to determine that the European Union is in breach of its international law commitments under the [treaty] and to make orders requiring the EU to discontinue its breach.”

Brussels last year renewed efforts to strengthen its Gas Directive and new regulations would allow the bloc to bring part of the pipeline under its direct sphere of influence.

While the majority of the pipeline is due to pass under international waters, 54km of the system would stretch across Germany and the new EU rules would apply to this specific part of the pipeline.

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