Andrew doesnt understand public outcry and wants to carry on duties – insider

Scandal hit Prince Andrew “doesn’t seem to understand the public outcry” according to royal insiders – and hopes to accompany the Queen to the Epsom Derby despite his recent controversies.

The Duke of York, who recently settled his infamous court case with Virginia Giuffre, is believed to be in line to attend the horse racing event with his mum in June.

A source told the Sun: “He was meant to stay invisible during the Platinum Jubilee so there is no way he will be at events like Trooping the Colour.

“But the Queen needs a chaperone on all occasions at the moment due to her mobility issues and Andrew has earmarked the Derby as the one he will accompany her at.

“He just doesn’t seem to understand the public outcry.”

The 62-year-old has faced huge questions surrounding his role in the royal family after he settled Ms Giuffre’s civil suit without an admission of guilt for an undisclosed sum.

He had previously returned his military titles and royal patronage to the Queen despite having always strenuously denied all allegations.

During a memorial service for Prince Philip on Tuesday, Andrew helped his elderly mother through Westminster Abbey.

The decision to maintain his centre-stage appearance, broadcast live on the BBC, came as a surprise to those who thought the royal family wouldn’t want to attract attention to him.

But it isn’t just the public who have questioned Andrew’s role in the monarchy and Prince Charles and Prince William are reportedly unhappy about his continued involvement.

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Both heirs to the throne were said to have been “shocked” and dismayed” at the decision.

One source told The Mirror: “Andrew was straight out the blocks in front of the cameras when the Duke of Edinburgh died, which was seen within the family as being completely inappropriate.

“Now this situation has unfolded, a fair few hold the view that he is manipulating his position for his own gains."

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