AI recreates Jesus at Last Supper, Cleopatra and cave men – posing for selfies

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    Artificial intelligence has been put to good use as it conjures up some hilarious snaps of Jesus Christ and Cleopatra.

    One bloke was moved to imagining historical figures in selfie-like poses, using an AI to make that possible and recreating moments including the Battle of Waterloo and the Last Supper.

    Duncan Thomsen, 53, a freelance film editor from Brighton, believes he is the first person to use the AI for the purposes of historical re-enactments through the perspective of a selfie.

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    Those "hilarious" snaps have seen the likes of Henry VIII, Queen Elizabeth I and historic soldiers lampooned in smiling selfies.

    Speaking of the AI, Duncan said: "AI is cutting edge technology. I spent a month working out a formula of prompts, language and photographic elements to give photos this 'selfie' effect.

    "The results are hilarious, and everyone I've shared my work with can't believe how real the pictures really look.

    "I've done Cleopatra, Queen Elizabeth I, Henry VIII, Jesus and many more."

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    Artificial intelligence takes prompts from the user and generates images based off the line or two fed through the machine, in this instance moments from history.

    Using billions of images already available out there on the internet, commands sent in by the user are drawn up by the AI from a backlog of photos.

    Duncan utilised Midjourney, a software available through Discord, to make his own historical selfies and offered up the cheeky results.

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    Where Midjourney differs from the likes of ChatGPT though is the need for an "absolute description", but Duncan is keen to see where the tech could take education.

    He added: "This technology could be used in schools as a new way of teaching and engaging kids with world history – it's like time travelling without a time machine.

    "You can ask AI to be historically accurate and then it can reference anything, anywhere, everywhere – that's the beauty of it."

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    Accurate depictions from Midjourney appear to have impressed Duncan, who believes it could work "really great" for some people as an educational tool.

    He said: "I got an eye for image through my day job and have been fortunate to have worked with some really great people.

    "It's allowed me to cross reference everything I've worked on and explore my imagination without limits, and this is the result."


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