Adult star stalked by ex who sent hundreds of messages daily with death threats

Former porn star Waima Vitullo was stalked by a crazed ex-lover who bombarded her with hundreds of creepy messages every day.

The 43-year-old, who is now a TV star in Italy, filed a complaint in April against Marcello Schiattarella, 35.

The pair initially met in May 2021 and dated for around two months before Vitullo broke thing off.

Schiattarella failed to accept this, instead harassing her with continuous phone calls and text messages, even threatening to kill her.

Her ex-boyfriend has now been thrown in prison after a ruling in Rome.

According to InterNapoli, one of the messages read: "I see everything dark. As soon as you step outside, I will appear in front of you."

While a second said: "I'm sending you to the other world with that starving father of yours, b*tch."

A third of the released messages red: "I'm armed, I'll kill you today if you don't answer me I'll shoot your mother as soon as she appears on the balcony. Your hours are numbered, you sh*tty wh*re."

Among other things, he also threatened the adult star's 11-year-old son and alluded to the fact that he could get to her whenever he wanted.

He'd often show up near to where she lived in the Tuscolano district of Rome, despite being from Naples, and would message her detailing what she was doing and what she was wearing on any particular day.

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Vitullo was eventually forced to live in a protected safehouse after reporting the matter to police at the San Giovanni police station. She also moved her son away from the home.

In light of the recent ruling, Vitullo's lawyer Licia D'Amico told Leggo: "Finally my client can return to live and resume a normal daily life. She had been forced to leave her home to go and live in a protected safehouse.

"What she has experienced is not an exceptional case, it is much more frequent than it can be to think. She was not safe for her safety until she went to live in a safe place.

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"For too long she hadn't put her nose out of the house. But she was strong, she had the courage to immediately denounce the harassing and violent attitudes she suffered."

Vitullo thanked the police, judges and her lawyer for "never giving up", as well as non-profit women's organisation Bon't Worry, run by Bo Guerreschi, who aided her case.

Guerreschi said: "Waima is finally free. We have stood by her during these weeks of great tension. Schiattarella's arrest is a result for which I thank the judiciary and also the press who closely followed the story of our client."

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