Absolute mayhem at supermarket check-out as 25 customers start fighting

Absolute mayhem broke out at a supermarket check-out area after 25 customers started fighting during a mass brawl.

Some of those fighting were knocked to the floor but that didn't stop the violence, with punches and kicks flying in from all sides at the store on West Florissant Avenue in Ferguson, Missouri, USA.

The massive scrap, which took place on Tuesday (October 11), was filmed on someone's phone and posted on social media, finding its way to the police, the Daily Mirror reports.

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In the clip you can see two large groups of women fighting and one of those involved appears to have picked up an object resembling a post and started swinging it around as a weapon.

Ferguson Police Chief Frank McCall, described the incident as "disgraceful", telling KMOV4: "I’m going to call it like it is."

McCall said the fight followed a smaller incident earlier on, explaining: “Apparently, it kicked back up shortly thereafter."

By the time the cops arrived it had settled down but police are seeking the CCTV to work out exactly what happened.

McCall added: "We have been able to identify some individuals that were involved. The fact that you have individuals that might have assaulted each other or had been assaulted, we have to ensure that they are prepared and willing to prosecute.

“But the other thing is that we have Walmart as a victim as well and I’m confident they’ll prosecute because they have some property damage as well.”

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A spokesperson for Walmart told the Daily Mail: "We prioritise the safety of our customers and associates at all times and will work closely with local law enforcement as they investigate what happened at our store Tuesday night."

Following a video of the fight going viral on social media, some residents called for the store to be closed down with some saying it's not the first time there's been disturbances there.

The Police Chief defended the store saying: “I will say it’s not isolated just to this location and not just to this business. We have a lot of different incidences that are going on not just within business establishments but even on public streets.

“And it's not the point of trying to move it. You want to stop it.”


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