A Moment In Crime: The night stalker of Auckland – recidivist rapist Colin Jack Mitchell unmasked

In February 2017 the Herald first reported details of a shocking attack in Auckland.

A 23-year-old woman walking home from annual Pride Parade celebrations in the central city suburb of Ponsonby was kidnapped.

She woke to find a man standing over her, wearing a mask and holding a bat-like weapon.

He attacked her and she feared she was going to be raped and then killed.

Bravely, she scrambled away from the man and managed to call police.

But she had no idea where she was and it would take an hour for emergency services to locate her.

When they did, she had a terrifying story to tell.

Today in A Moment In Crime we look back at the Riverhead quarry attack, how police found the man responsible and the trial of Colin Jack Mitchell.

Herald senior journalist Anna Leask covered this case from the outset, reporting on the trial and revealing the dark history of Mitchell.

It emerged after he was convicted of the Riverhead attack, that he was also responsible for an unsolved 1992 rape.

Evidence found in the 2017 investigation linked him by DNA to a similar attack on a woman walking home from central Auckland at night.

Leask also spoke to a woman raped by Mitchell in 1984 when she was just 19 and dabbling in sex work for the first time.

And she tells the story of the first woman Mitchell was jailed for attacking – a week after he turned 15 in 1974.

Mitchell was jailed indefinitely in 2019 for the brutal Riverhead attack and the 1992 rape.

Justice Sally Fitzgerald said Mitchell was highly likely to reoffend against vulnerable females in future and sentenced him to preventive detention.

She said he had expressed no empathy at all for his violent attacks.

Further, he still denied his brutal attacks on unsuspecting and innocent strangers -and had yet to accept he had a problem for preying on vulnerable women.

The sentence means Mitchell will stay in prison until the Parole Board deems that he is no longer a risk to the community – to women.

And, even if he is ever released on parole, he must remain under the management and monitoring of Corrections for the rest of his life.

Mitchell was sentenced on his 60th birthday and the court heard that due to serious health problems including diabetes and cancer, he will likely die behind bars.

This episode of A Moment In Crime contains material including references to sexual assault and violence and might be distressing for some listeners. If you or someone you know needs help, please refer to the bottom of this story for a list of services and agencies.

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