15st dog often mistaken for a cow as he rides the Tube and feasts on pizza

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A proud dog owner has revealed his pet has often been mistaken for a cow due to it weighing a whopping fifteen stone and being taller than some humans when standing on his hind legs.

Carlos da Silva, who lives in east London, says his dog Diego leaves people stunned wherever they go and has become the perfect accessory for a selfie.

The Great Dane not only accompanies his owner to work but also tags along to restaurants, as well as motorcycle club, The Bike Shed, where he has become the first dog in the venue's history to have become a Gold Member.

"When we go there, it says on the table: 'This table is reserved for Diego and his human," says Carlos.

Carlos said it took a total of 17 years to persuade his wife Ellie to let him get a dog, but despite her being afraid she eventually agreed, reports My London.

"Now, if I asked her to choose [between] me or Diego, Diego would stay," he said.

Six years since bringing him home for the first time, Carlos and Diego are inseparable and have become best friends.

Now, Diego travels in a two-wheeled sidecar with his owner, who hopes to one day teach his other dog Nelson, 2, to ride in the car too.

"As a Great Dane, he's more active. He's crazy – he's the opposite of Diego," Carlos added.

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In spite of their differences, the two dogs are best friends, says Carlos – although Nelson, despite being around 30kgs lighter than Diego, is "the alpha".

At 95kgs, Diego is taller than six-foot Carlos when standing on his legs. The difference between him and Nelson in size is genetic, but it's heightened by Diego's enormous appetite.

"He steals food everywhere – he's not very well-behaved with food," said Carlos. "If some guys are having lunch and they blink, Diego will grab it."

Carlos has tried to put Diego on a diet, but it's tricky – strangers in the park will readily dispense treats to their favourite Great Dane, and there's also the issue of pizza.

"If he sees pizza, his favourite food, he gets crazy – he's a different dog. He'll do anything for pizza," he explains.

Speaking about Diego's popularity, his owner added: "In East London, almost everyone knows him.

"If you have a Great Dane, everyone wants to come and talk and take pictures.

"The Tube is a nightmare sometimes…one [person] wants to take a photo, and then another one, and then there's a crowd."

That said, Carlos is pleased to have Diego by his side and said he is a great conversation starter.

"If you want to meet people and make friends, walk a Great Dane in London," he added.

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