You argued FOR Jeremy Corbyn Andrew Neil rips apart Jonathan Ashworth its about trust!

Viewers left baffled by Andrew Neil's impressions

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Andrew Neil caught Jonathan Ashworth red-handed on his lack of apology amid the 2019 General Election, as he then campaigned to get former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn elected as Prime Minister. The broadcaster confronted Mr Ashworth on his show: “Two and a half years ago, you campaigned to make Mr Corbyn Prime Minister. But you haven’t apologised to the British people for that.”

In his defence, Mr Ashworth said: “I remember two years and a half ago being caught out, expressing my opinions on how I thought it would help in that general election.

“Look, he was elected leader of the Labour party.

“I was offered a post to defend our national health service, to campaign on our national health service.

“I still think it was important to campaign for the national health service but the British people made their judgement in the end”, Mr Ashworth added.

Andrew Neil continued: “You wanted a man to be Prime Minister whom your party has decided is an uneven fit to hold the Labour whip.

“I mean, doesn’t that require if not an apology which can be overdone apologies in our political culture, it requires at least an explanation and some contrition?”, Mr Neil asked.

Mr Ashworth wiggled: “Well, he was never going to be Prime Minister.

“The British people expressed their opinion on whether he should be Prime Minister.”

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Cutting him off, Andrew Neil mocked: “You supported that at the time.”

“I did”, Mr Ashworth conceded, adding in a burst of laughter: “Actually, that was the problem.”

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