We will do whatever it takes Hunt lays out plan to stabilise economy

Angela Rayner says Conservatives 'haven't got a clue'

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Jeremy Hunt has laid out his plan to stabilise the creaking UK economy and said he will do “whatever it takes” after support for the Conservative Party plunged to the lowest level of support in British polling history. The Chancellor said in a statement: “Strong public finances are the foundation of a strong economy. To stabilise markets, I’ve been clear that protecting our public finances means difficult decisions lie ahead. 

We will do whatever is necessary to get drive down debt in the medium term and to ensure that taxpayers’ money is well spent, putting the public finances on a sustainable path as we grow the economy.”

The latest comments from the Chancellor comes with a leading pollster warning support for the Tories has fallen to the “lowest level of support in British polling history”.

Matt Goodwin shared results from a new Westminster voting intention survey from PeoplePolling for GB News of 1,237 adults that was conducted online yesterday.

It showed support for the Tories has fallen a further five points from October 12 to just 14 percent – massive 39 percent behind Labour who have hit 53 percent.

The Liberal Democrats are up three points to 11 percent, followed by the Greens on six percent and SNP on five percent.

Mr Goodwin tweeted to results of the new poll and wrote: “The Conservative Party falls to the lowest level of support in British polling history.

“I’ve never seen this in my lifetime. The closest was 17 percent during the Brexit meltdown in the spring of 2019. The party is now only holding 29 percent of people who voted for Boris Johnson in 2019 and 19 percent of Brexit voters.

“All of the groups that were key to the Boris Johnson 2019 coalition have run for the hills. Labour now holds clear and commanding leads among pensioners, the skilled working class and Brexit voters. Were this replicated at election would be extinction level event

“The Conservative Party is arguably the most successful party in the world. Today, it’s on life support.”


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