Watch out Boris! Farage drops huge hint over return to politics to oppose second lockdown

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The Brexit Party leader insisted there is “no political voice” speaking out against the new lockdown in England which comes into force on Thursday. In a major hint he could return to politics, Mr Farage added: “I think that may change very soon.”

Speaking in a four-minute video shared on Twitter, the Brexiteer – who is currently in America – said the US election is being “completely dominated” by the coronavirus pandemic.

He said while Donald Trump is against strict lockdown measures, his rival Joe Bidan is in favour of tighter restrictions.

Mr Farage said: “I tell you what’s interesting, at least in America they’ve got a choice.

“At least in America they’re having a debate.

“Because we are locking down from Thursday. This has been decreed by Boris Johnson.

“Guess what, Sir Keir Starmer 100 percent agrees.

“As do all the other political parties represented in Westminster.”

Mr Farage added that England is “heading for lockdown” despite a likely rebellion by some backbench Conservative MPs.

The Brexit Party leader warned more people could die of other illnesses in a second shutdown.

He said: “Given the average age of death thus far in the UK is 82 years and three months, which is pretty much around average life expectancy, I think it’s quite safe to say what the second lockdown means is that ultimately more people will die of other illnesses because they’re not been diagnosed than will die from Covid-19.”

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Mr Farage also spoke out abut the economic impact of another lockdown, admitting he fears it will be “the end” for many small businesses.

The Brexiteer added that he has “had enough” of the draconian restrictions.

He said: “So what do we do, do we go on locking down again and again and again.

“Do we as a country literally go bankrupt, do we see suicides continuing to spike in the way that they are, millions of people unemployed.

“Or do we say actually we have no choice but to learn to live with this.

“And be sensible about hand washing, if we can possibly social distancing.

“I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, this second lockdown says to me that the cure is now worse than the disease.

“And the frustration that is being felt out there by people, there is no political voice articulating that.

“Well I think that may change very soon.”

Mr Farage’s video comes after the Prime Minister last night announced a second national lockdown in England in response to surging coronavirus cases.

The tough new measures begin on Thursday and last until December 2.

But Cabinet Office minister Michael Gove today admitted the restrictions could be extended if infection rates do not significant fall.

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